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Machinery & Plastic Raw Materials - Recycling

Machinery & Plastic Raw Materials - Recycling

Our company has a 30-year history in the sector of plastic and packaging industry supplying new and used machinery that mainly serve the flexible packaging sector as well as plastic raw materials.

Our clientele includes most major plastic product manufacturers and businesses in Greece.

We provide our clients, in association with foreign firms, with constant know-how and updates concerning all new developments and products of the booming sector of the plastics industry. Our aim has always been and remains to contribute to the proper development of each company so it may prosper in a difficult and competitive market, offering cutting-edge technological solutions and ideas.

We are the Greek representatives of some of the sector's most important machinery manufacturers who are considered exemplary as to their credibility and performance internationally:

LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH
The world-wide market leader in the field of sealing and bag- making machines for the flexible packaging , like:
T-shirt bags , carrier bags ,bags for automatic packaging etc

One of the foremost manufacturers of blow film lines (extruders) from single up to 11 layers as well as manufacturers of orientation lines. ( MDO)

offers its customers a broad spectrum of efficient , high performance machinery for slitting and winding of plastic film, paper and laminates or aluminum foil as well aluminum strips and composites

Flexoprinting machines , stacktype or C.I.(central impression) gearless or not, from reel to reel and in-line, from 1 up to 10 colours. Also winding –rewinding machines.

AFS - Entwicklungs + Vertiebs GmbH
Dominates the world market in many specialized areas:
corona treatment stations ,corona generators ,as well hot needle perforators.

The packaging solutions for single and multiple products.

BANO srl : specialized companyin the production of primary and sigle shaft shredders for processing of a huge quantity of different materials with the purpose of recycling ,size ans volume reduction. Plastics ( PET,HDPE,film,PP etc) light metal scraps (ferrous & non ferrous), MSW , car tires, paper, wood, electric and high tension cables.


SIKOPLAST GmbH : For almost 60 years manufacturing of high quality recycling lines. (claim extruders, PET recycling, washing lines, SIKOREX in line recycling systems, screen changers and many sophisticated recycling solutions.

Systems for the plastic materials industry.
The only company specialized in every palletizing system.
The product range includes also screenchangers, filters for water ,centrifuges etc.

Our company imports and supplies the Greek plastics industry with high-standard primary, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as secondary recycled plastic raw materials.

Our company operate a recycling plant for plastis scraps in its own brand new modern facilities in the region of Eleonas , Thiva,Viotia with exceptional results. . Mainly , PE,PP and PS Plastic raw materials of the highest standards are being produced from industrial plastic scraps , adapting certified management quality system from TUV AUSTRIA according to EN ISO 9001:2008

Concerning virgin materials we represent the company UNIPETROL RPA –ORLEN Group (Chech Republic), in Greece that chiefly produces polyethylene HDPE for various uses (packaging, injection, blow mouding, pipes, tapes etc) bearing ISO 14001 and other international certifications. We distribute other brands of virgin raw materials in Greece as well.

Solid and non-industrial waste recycling is a constant developing procedure on an international level that, besides all other obvious advantages, offers significant business opportunities.

We are in the position to offer, always in collaboration with the foreign firms we represent, technologically advanced and applied solid waste recovery and recycling solutions, involving either production scraps or post consumer waste.

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